Does this look like a family that can afford new underwear?

My family circa 1960. I’m the youngest, to the right, on my mother’s lap. My mother was likely pregnant with my younger brother when this photo was taken. Two younger sisters arrived within 14 months of each other after him. My parents were card-carrying members of the “working poor.”  My father did everything from maintenance and pumping gas, to delivering eggs, to provide for his family.  He always had a large garden, and chickens for meat and eggs. My mother canned the produce, plucked and gutted the chickens, cooked nutritious meals, made a lot of our clothes, braided rugs to decorate the house and keep our feet warm from the cold floor.  But when it came to buying underwear and socks for this troop at the beginning of the school year, I don’t know how they did it.

One thought on “Does this look like a family that can afford new underwear?

  1. Tamica Kenyon says:

    That is funny!! I was one of three and I know underware were a tough thing in our “working poor” class home!! Now my husband and I have 8 children and I am a little crazy about the underware and sock thing!hahhaha….Oh well it never really hurt me growing up. We were such thankful kids. I am sad to see my kids sometimes having the”easy come, easy go attitude” I am thinking even though they aren’t spoiled they have too much. Why? With this “throw away” society we get hand-me-downs(clothes and toys) so frequently. I have to limit that even.

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