When your brain is fried

The heat index in Iowa today expects to reach 108-degrees.

Hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. (and believe me, as a homeschooling family we have actually tried to do this, and it does work)

Hot enough to fry your brain in a similar manner if you were, say, locked inside a car in the sweltering heat.

Or, perhaps, undergoing extreme stress.

Hot enough for ya?” is a common greeting here in small-town Iowa during days like this.

I’m preparing for a big garage sale that starts tomorrow, which involves lugging boxes and pricing every single item.  Then my husband just lost his job last week.  And I’m diligently working on polishing up one final chapter to include in my book proposal. Amidst all that,  due to terrible neglect in the last few days, my house looks like this:

How can anyone work in this environment? This is the view from my desk, the floor of the playroom/office. It is no wonder I have been writing at the kitchen table recently.

Only that isn’t faring much better right now:

Squalor.  It looks like squalor.

And it fries my brain to live like this.

I am willing to share these photos with you, my dear readers, for one simple reason:  I suspect some of you creative souls, when immersed in whatever creative project you are currently working on, sometime share the fried brain syndrome when a couple unexpected things are thrown into the mix of what used to be your orderly and balanced life.

In the midst of planning for a garage sale.

Husband losing job and subsequent worries about things like money and medical insurance.

Cleaning house has been the last thing on my mind these past few days.

Hot enough for ya?

Hot enough to fry my brain on the sidewalk.

2 thoughts on “When your brain is fried

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You are so brave for posting these photos! While my house often looks like this…or much worse…I’m just not brave enough to post a photo of the mess! 🙂

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