Choosing a Body Buddy and Eating Clean

The next step in Julia Cameron’s The Writing Diet is to choose a “body buddy.”  It is suggested that you might want to share your morning writing pages with this person, a person you can trust to keep you accountable in your plan to get healthier. Encouragement is important, but so is the objective look at what triggers our over-eating and ideas for keeping on track.

I would choose my sister Pat as my body buddy.  You wouldn’t know she was ten years my senior by looking at us together. She looks young and vibrant. It is her example and encouragement that has kept me walking four mornings a week for over a year now. The summer before that it was another sister, my younger sister Angie.

My TOPS group should serve as body buddies and the weekly weigh-in does seem to keep me on track, but sometimes that Tuesday night meeting is just another thing taking me away from what I need to get done at home.  Tonight that is precisely what it feels like so I left word that I wouldn’t be attending and dropped off the weight book at the church basement where we hold the meetings.  Of course I stepped on the scale and while I didn’t see a loss, I was wearing a much heavier shirt and denim shorts rather than the lightweight black shift dress I normally wear for weigh-in, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I actually lost a little, like maybe .25 lb.   Trust me, we take the quarter pound loss when we can. I’m not sure why I am not losing more weight, but I have the feeling the mini-meals are crucial for me, and this past week I lapsed on those, mostly because I was so busy I had days when I forgot to eat anything until close to 11:00, and then I would be too hungry.  I also have had a serious lack of fruit around here.  This week the raspberries are $2.99 a pack and our store has no oranges at all. Of course I am craving oranges and raspberries!

Cameron recommends “Clean Eating” in her book. Clean eating is sensible eating; nothing to radical or too strict. You do not weight or measure food, but be conscious of portion size. Lean meat is fine in moderation and 8 glasses of water. Bingeing on white sugar, flour and starches is a no-no. Clean food is as close to its natural state as possible. That includes fresh vegetables, and fruits, low-fat dairy, lean protein and whole grains.

Now, if I can just locate the fresh fruit. I may have to dig into my secret stash of jarred fruit.  Yes, I have a secret stash of Dole fruit in a jar.

Better than the jelly beans I used to hide.

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