Chapter Five: A Date With Yourself

Maybe it was the lack of walking since my sister walking buddy was camping for several days in a row. Maybe it was the big cup of chocolate ice-cream someone bought me and handed me before I could say no.   Whatever it was, I had another week of maintenance and didn’t lose at TOPS tonight.

In Julia Cameron’s The Writing Diet, chapter five suggests “culinary artist dates.”  Strange concept~ going out to eat and delighting the senses in order to lose weight. But then again, last Wednesday I experienced a perfect day of eating when every single thing I put in my mouth was delicious and mindfully enjoyed.  Too bad most of it was fruit. I missed out on most of the major food groups but I wasn’t craving anything else.

Think about it.  If you could go anywhere and eat anything, what would it be? Maybe it wouldn’t be so unhealthy after all.

Gag if you will, but I would have crunchy wheat berry or oatmeal toast with two medium cooked poached eggs, and a big cup of coffee with half and half.  No hash browns. No meat.  Just the crunchy toast and eggs that dip well. I eat exactly that breakfast (except it is whole wheat bread and not the crunchy whole grains I prefer) when I go out to write at a restaurant.  Sometimes I cut it down to one egg and no butter on the toast, and I still enjoy it.

Of course, Cameron’s suggested culinary delights are much more refined than my simple enjoyments but if the whole point is to eat whatever you desire. well then, eggs and toast it is.

2 thoughts on “Chapter Five: A Date With Yourself

  1. Socialpaws says:

    Hi Mary, I wonder if any human can resist chocolate ice cream?

    I’m also wondering what TOPS is after reading this post, would it be a dieting community? Weightwatchers is the popular UK weight loss group where everything you eat is given a points value.
    Anyhow, good luck with you’re goals 🙂
    Best wishes,

    • Mary Potter Kenyon says:

      TOPS is Take Off Pounds Sensibly, a non-profit weight loss support group. We meet and weigh-in weekly. The difference between TOPS and Weight Watchers is #1) cost. TOPS is $28 a year, and #2) no set diet plan beyond eating sensibly and exercising.

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