Chapter Four~Ask yourself if you are really hungry

The next chapter of Julia Cameron’s book The Writing Diet, goes right along with my TOPS assignment for this week.  Before you eat, ask yourself four questions:

Am I hungry?

Is this what I feel like eating?

Is this what I feel like eating now?

Is there something else that I could eat instead?

I did that yesterday. In the process, I ended up eating a lot of fruit.

Because when it came right down to it, when I was hungry I really didn’t want the sandwich my kids had for lunch or the Hardees biscuit they had after their morning swimming lessons. What I really wanted was something fresh and sweet.   I did have yogurt in the morning and lots of milk in my coffee and tea for my dairy, and a big slice of baked chicken smack dab in the middle of the day for my protein, and today I will go heavy on the vegetables to make up for my lack of that food group yesterday, but oh, how delicious were those two packs of marked-down raspberries from the store (marked down to 50-cents from $2.50) and the three four five oranges I ate!

And no, I didn’t forget about the two fig bars I imbibed in.  Was I really hungry when I ate them? Yes. Did I really want them? Yes. Was there something I could eat instead?

I really don’t think something green and leafy would have done the trick.

And I ran out of oranges.

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