Yesterday I mentioned the letters I’d written to my friend Mary and how, if we’d kept each other’s letters they would serve as a sort of journal.  The letters in the picture are ones my mother just gave back to me, and they go back as far as 1995.  Several years ago she’d given me some of the letters I’d sent her and after going through them, I kept the ones that were written when I was pregnant and looking forward to the baby, just so my children could see how much I was looking forward to getting to know them, how much they were wanted and loved, even before they were born.

Reading these letters is like a blast from the past: I didn’t remember Rachel hatching an egg in our bathroom until I read about it in one of my Mom’s letters.  How could I have forgotten that? I also didn’t remember losing 14 pounds with an e-mail loop/support group.  Most of these letters will go in a binder with copies of my Christmas letters.  Thank you, Mother, you completed my collection. You had saved every single one of them!

I got up at 5:30 and spent half an hour writing in my new “Morning Pages” journal.  Whew! Didn’t know so many things were bothering me! I feel better already!

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