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weekly weigh-in

My weekly weigh-in last night showed a 1.25 lb weight loss so, once again, the “mini-meal” concept is actually working for me.  And this weight loss is without the daily walking or biking since it has been raining so much in Iowa. AND I have been spending an inordinate amount of time sitting and writing.  I never would have imagined my second chapter would take so much longer to write than the first and the fifth.  Chapter 5 was so much fun to write that I expected all of the writing to come so easy. I don’t want Chapter 2 to be as difficult to read as it was to write so I have my work cut out for me.  This is my second week of a little more writing time available since I have been dropping Abby off at her Kids Kamp and then heading to the library for two hours.

By next week my Amazon order should have arrived so I can report on what I think of the books I ordered to help me on my weight loss journey.


Author, public speaker, and workshop presenter for community colleges, libraries, women's groups and for grief support groups, Hospice and retreats. Certified grief counselor and Senior Service librarian for the James Kennedy Public library. Popular public speaker and workshop presenter on the topics of writing, couponing, utilizing your creativity in everyday life, and finding hope in grief. "Coupon Crazy: The Science, the Savings, and the Stories Behind America's Extreme Obsession" was published by Familius Publishing in 2014. "Chemo-Therapist: How Cancer Cured a Marriage" and "Refined By Fire: A Journey of Grief and Grace" were released by Familius in 2014. "Mary & Me: A Lasting Link Through Ink," co-written with Mary Jedlicka Humston of Iowa City, was published in September 2015. Grief journal to be released in 2018.

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