Morning pages…or Mourning pages?

My Amazon order arrived this afternoon, and none too soon.  I had quite a busy day today, with no time to plan meals, cook my chicken, or even think about what I should or should not be eating.  I woke up in a funk, worrying about various things, and if I had started the day writing out  “Morning Pages” like author Cameron suggests, maybe my day would have gone smoother.  I’ve only read the first chapter of this book but I already like it.  If I follow Cameron’s 12-week plan, I can expect two things #1) to work through some of the feelings and roadblocks in my life, and #2) lose weight in the process.

I’ve never done the free writing thing, the “Morning Pages” where I would write whatever I’m thinking about and feeling, including what is bothering me (and this morning that would have filled several pages). When I want to “warm up” with my writing in the mornings, I usually do a little editing on my current project or write a letter to my friend Mary.  Mary and I have been writing each other several times a week for over 22 years now. If only we had kept all those letters~ they would have been a journal of sorts.  Besides the day-to-day detailed reports of the books we are reading and our various activities , Mary and I write each other about our children, our hopes, our fears, our dreams.   We sometimes cry, occasionally whine, but mostly just write as though we were talking on the phone.  Mary knows I am not much of a telephone person, and neither of us is keen on e-mail, so most of our conversations have been written, though we do occasionally actually get together in person.  Writing Mary letters has been my “morning pages,” but I’m willing to give this formal idea a  try.  After all, even my letter to Mary this morning was guarded.  Would she really have wanted me to let it all out? Would I have wanted her to see me fall apart?  Probably not.  But if I’d written everything down in my morning pages, my letter to her might have been more cheerful and my two hour writing session more productive.

Tomorrow, I’ll start the day with morning pages and see how it goes.

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