This is the fourth morning I have dropped off my two youngest (Katie, age 10 and Abby, almost 7) at a Vacation Bible School at 8:30 in the morning, for three hours.  THREE HOURS.  I can see the shoulder shrugs of some of you (big deal, three hours, so what), but I can also hear the gasps of amazed envy from some others (three whole hours to myself? Wow! I can only imagine)  As a mother who has chosen a homeschooling lifestyle, time alone is at a premium.  I had fully intended to write that entire time, each of those five days.  On day number one, I did, but then I realized I needed to do more research to add to my second chapter.  On day number two, I did the research and wrote some more. Yesterday, on day number three, Katie called me ten minutes after I got home and I had to go get her.  I let her stay on the couch and watch television, but then my kitchen writing time was interrupted by retching sounds coming from the living room and the plaintive wail, “Mom, I need to puke again.” I ended up doing more research and printing everything out so I could take it with me today while I go to Dubuque with my husband for his doctor’s appointment.  This morning, after I dropped off the girls I caught up with my e-mail and then did a little Christmas shopping online with some Photostamps codes I had.  Check your local Walgreens stores to see if you can find these kits on clearance like I did;

Look in the photo department.  These kits normally retail for $19.99+, but are on clearance for $7.19-$10.40 at participating Walgreens stores.  You use the code inside the kit to make your own personalized postage stamps, a sheet of 20 stamps.  Now, if you consider that a sheet of 20 stamps costs you $8.80 at the Post Office, $7.19 for a personalized set sounds pretty darn good.  But don’t pass over the $10.40 boxes if you see them.  For each box you buy, you are going to get $21 of credit on the Photostamps website, and if you buy and use more than one kit at a time, you will save $2 on each set in an order.  I ordered 6 sets with the 5 kits I had and the credit paid for all of them.  I’d also used a free shipping code which added some more credit onto my order because the kids pay for the shipping.  If this sounds like a convoluted way to get an extra set free, it was, but it also means I paid $50 for $52.80 worth of postage.  Would you buy 6 sets of personalized postage at your local post office for an almost $3 discount?  And what better gift for someone you love, like your own mother, than a set of stamps with this photo on:

That is a picture of my mom and dad, taken when they were dating, I believe.  Dad has been dead for 23 years.  I am sure my mother will enjoy using the stamps on the letters she writes.

And, of course, I had to add a couple of sheets to my order of this photo of David and I, taken in a Chuck E. Cheese booth:

So, do check your local Walgreens stores for these kits.  They make great gifts, and end up saving you money on postage!

Did I waste this morning’s time alone on Christmas shopping and e-mail? Perhaps, but only because I know that I will be sitting in a doctor’s office for three hours this afternoon, writing. I actually look forward to doctor’s waiting rooms if I don’t have children in tow.

And then,there is always tomorrow.

Unless Abby gets whatever it was Katie had yesterday morning. knock on wood-

A friend recently commented to me, Time alone is highly overrated. I actually get bored. And lonely.

It hit me that only someone with plenty of time alone would say something like that.

It also made me wonder: Would a woman of means say such a thing to a mother struggling to make ends meet?   Money is highly overrated. I actually am tired of having so much money. Whatever I want, whenever I want it, I just buy it.  That can get pretty boring.

And then she’d probably wonder why I just slapped her.

2 thoughts on “TIME ALONE

  1. Lisa says:

    And take it from me, I was one of the lucky ones to get a set of these stamps for Christmas this year from my dear friend Mary.. I LOVE THEM.. although I use them few and far between because I do love them so much. I will probably keep some for me, just to look at as I age.. :o)
    Thanks my friend, I LOVE THE STAMPS! It was my favorite Christmas present, But don’t tell anyone! :o)

  2. Joan Kramer says:

    Love that picture, Mary, of Mom and Dad. She will love it too. Had to laugh at your description of the rich lady who would say money is overrated.
    I can relate to how precious your time alone is to you. For so many years I worked outside the home, and never had enough time to do the things I wanted to do. I also had a husband who was gone most of the time because of his job, so much of the “man’s work” ended up being my work.
    Now that I’m not working at a job anymore, I often wonder how I did it all, because I am still busy. There is always something that needs to be cleaned, repaired, maintained, or demands attention of some kind.
    Even now that I’m home most of the day, I relish any spare time I have, doing what I want to do instead of what I have to do.

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