Commit. Now.

This week mama-writer guru Christina Katz
asks us to blog about commitment.

What a coincidence since #1) This is the month my husband David and I celebrate our 31st anniversary and I am committed to making it another 30~ at least,  #2) This is the month I commit to losing weight, and #3) I am committed to completing my book this summer.  That’s a whole lotta commitment going on here.

I love summer.  For a homeschooling mother it means a huge sense of freedom, the kind reminiscent of my own summers as a child.  Remember that feeling on the last day of school when the whole summer is before you and for those few short months you can read what you want instead of what you are assigned to read, write letters instead of essay papers, and basically do what you want every single delicious dig-your-bare-toes-in-the-grass day? At least that is how it felt to me BC (before chores).  In our family, once you hit the magical age of choredom, all bets were off for doing what you wanted, and then summer meant WORK; in the garden, mowing yards and the local cemetary, feeding and watering ducks, geese and chickens, plucking feathers from dead chickens…. But even then, there were the cool summer evenings spent reading, reading, reading, and the rainy days full of reading, and the chores that allowed for reading. (my favorite: sitting at the top of the hill while geese grazed on the lawn. I could read in between chasing the geese back into the yard)  And, did someone say READING? Yes, as a child summer meant reading time. Which makes it ironic that today libraries need to reward children for reading!~ for me, reading WAS the reward.

For my own children, since moving to town two years ago, summer means more activities; swimming lessons and Vacation Bible School, time at the pool and children’s activities at two different libraries. And despite the time spent driving them to activities, I suddenly find myself with more free time than ever!  Two hours at the pool sitting and reading? Unheard of even last year when Abby wanted me in the water with her. (I can’t swim, unfortunately, so the only exercise I get there is playing in the water with a child)  This is a milestone year for me~ a child old enough to be unsupervised in the children’s room at the library while I run upstairs and check out the free magazine bin and read a newspaper? Old enough to play alone in the water while Mama reads? Old enough to be left for THREE SOLID HOURS at a Bible Camp, and then the next week at a Kids Kamp?  Do I hear silence in my future?

So, yes, I am committed to completing a huge portion of my book this summer, and that commitment means more than getting up early to write before children are awake (something I have been doing for years), it also means  taking advantage of all the hours of uninterrupted quiet I can expect in the next few weeks.

As for the goal of losing weight, summer is a great time to commit to that, with all the fresh fruit and vegetables available, and good weather for getting out and moving more.

As for the husband part of the equation, it may have taken us 27 years to get there, but David and I are enjoying what real commitment brings to a marriage; emotional and physical support for each other and a real sense of being loved.

And that, my friends, is the simple secret to a lasting, fulfilling marriage~ being each other’s best friend. I’ve got his back. He’s got mine.  That is commitment.

What about you? What are you committed to?

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