More magnificent mess

I just finished sorting and putting away the things from my last shopping spree. Some went in the Christmas box, some in a tote for my next garage sale, some in our own cupboards.

And what do I do?

Go shopping.

Today was the big annual book sale in Dubuque, with proceeds going towards the Newspaper in Education program. Katie and I left at 5:20 a.m., and encountered the worst fog I have ever driven in, for the entire trip there. It took over an hour to get there because sometimes I was only going 25 miles per hour. I couldn’t turn back, because I couldn’t see the turn-offs!  Yes, it was that bad, and I’m sure that with me having night blindness, it didn’t help. I got five big tote bags full of books and I’ll take pictures when I go through them for the enjoyment of all you book-lovers out there. In the meantime, here is a peek:

The big white bags behind the totes and the Target bags are from the Salvation Army in Marion, where I found two clothing items for 25-cents each, 18 books (6 for $1) and a couple of new photo albums, which I hope will motivate me to do two things: #1)order some prints of the digital pictures I have saved, AND #2)organize some of my other photos.  The Target bags are from our Target stop, which netted 10 Nivea 2-packs on clearance for $4.66, and I had $4 coupons for and some Biore products that currently have a $5 gift card offer going.  If you buy 3 (@$5.94 each), you get a $5 gift card, and since I had Buy One, Get One Free coupons, I bought 3, got 3 free, and got two $5 gift cards.  Better yet, I used $5 gift cards from the razor offer last visit to pay for them. Getting up so early this morning, my math was kind of fuzzy, but I rounded the price off to $6 each, times 6= $36, minus the three free items= $18, so I paid $18 for 6 Biore items (pore strips and cleansers), got back $10 in gift cards, so the final tally was $8 for 6 items. And, of course, I had the $25 in gift cards from last time, so the Biore products and the Nivea didn’t cost me anything out of pocket.  The Nivea 2-packs will be divided and the smaller body wash priced at $1.25, the bigger ones $2.50 at my garage sale, so I paid 66-cents for items that will sell for $3.75 total. a profit of over $30 on the 10 2-packs I picked up.

Are you dizzy yet?

We stopped for breakfast and then a quick run into Borders so I could use my free bonus $5 bucks.  Check your e-mail if you are a member. They are only good through this weekend.  I found a writer’s magazine for $5.99, so 99-cents after bonus bucks.

We got back home before 11:00.

Want a closer look at my goodies?

I can tell that you book-lovers are just itching to get into those bags.

Me too, but I have laundry to hang out and a cup of tea to drink.  David works today, or he would have had it waiting for me, sweet man.

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