One Reason Why Not Everyone Does This Couponing Gig

Why doesn’t everyone do this? That is one of the questions I ask myself when I am walking out the door of a store with a cartload of merchandise that I only paid a few dollars for.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons they don’t:

What this is, is the spoils of war. The war against inflation.

Yes, my coupons arrived yesterday, and yes, I went to Dubuque. I stopped at Pamida first where I paid $40 for $104 worth of merchandise, including 10 jars of sunflower seeds, 4 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners, 3 packages of clearance priced Folgers Gourmet blend coffee, 8 cans of Ravioli (yuck, but a meal the kids can prepare on their own), 3 packages of Reynold’s wrap, a set of Ziploc bowls, 10 boxes of Crest toothpaste (they paid me 50-cents each to take these), 8 Oral-B toothbrushes, Halls cough drops, and some other items.  I could have gone home satisfied and happy after that spree, but no, I’d been waiting all week for those $5 Schick razor coupons, so we headed to Dubuque, and my first stop, Target.  At Target the razors were on sale for $6.99, and for each two purchased I would get a $5 gift card.  I purchased 10 @ $69.99, handed over my 10 $5 coupons, and paid $19.99 total for the 10 razors.  In exchange, I got 5 $5 Target gift cards, netting a profit of $5.  I also picked up a few Nivea body washes that were free after my $4 coupons. At Walgreens I had $20 in catalina coupons to use so I bought Big Roll toilet paper that was marked 3/$1 in a one day only sale (at the register they came up regular price of 4/$3 so evidently the ONE DAY was not THAT day, but they price modified for me). I also bought more of the Schick razors for $7.99, used my $5 coupons and another $5 catalina came out. I would have done better on the Biore deal if my favorite cashier was there.  I had B1G1F coupons on Biore cleanser when you bought the Pore strips and the Biore products were on sale for B1G1 50% off.  The manager would only take off the 50% off price, whereas Jamie would have taken off the higher price. At one Walgreens I paid $5.48 for $38. At the other, I paid $26 for $67, and that included two bottles of liquid Flaxseed Oil for David. By now the kids were getting sick of shopping but I had $5.40 in catalina coupons to use at Hy-Vee and I wanted to check out their big fat oranges. I ran into an unadvertised special on the Dannon Fruit on the Bottom yogurt for 30-cents each and I had coupons for $1 off 6, so I bought 18 of them~ super deal, and I used some to make smoothies today too!

By the time I got home I was too tired to deal with all the bags so put them in the corner of my office, after putting away the cold things (like the 10 Tombstone pizzas I got for $10 after Hy-Vee coupon, the eggs, and the milk). Early this morning I chose to write for a couple hours instead of putting things away, so after I got home from working at my sister’s consignment store I took a good look at my big pile of bags and realized, This might be why not everyone wants to do this! I added another bag to the mess because as I was marking things down at my sister’s shop for a 25-cents sale, I did a little shopping at the same time. (one of the benefits of working for your sister!)  We were marking items that had been there since before March 13th, and I came home with these items priced at only a quarter each: 3 bras for me, a pair of pajama bottoms for Emily, jeans for Emily, 3 shirts for her, 3 for David, a couple for Katie, a cute Tommy shirt for my grandson Jo-Jo, and lots of other deals I couldn’t pass up at that price. What fun it was wielding the red marker and having the power over the price, so to speak.  I was being stalked by a woman who waited for me to mark some size Large tops. Smart woman. The day went by really fast, but now it is time to face that corner full of bags and sort through everything.

The bad thing about blogging about my good deals? My son sees how little I actually pay for those razors I stick in his Christmas basket!

2 thoughts on “One Reason Why Not Everyone Does This Couponing Gig

  1. Beth says:

    What I hate about mega coupon shopping is bringing everything in the house. I am usually alone when I go shopping so that means that I am alone at dragging everything in. I don’t mind putting things away because I enjoy looking at the bounty of it all.

  2. Lisa says:

    Years ago I thought, I do all this planning, picking out coupons, shopping etc let the children be in charge of putting away the groceries. I have done that for many years, although depending on the age “I supervise” but a little help wether it’s carrying the things in the house and unloading bags on the table and then “you put away” if you don’t feel comfortable with the children doing it, goes a long long way.. :o) JMO..

    Happy shopping..


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