$1.00 A Bag Sale

My daughter and I hit a few more garage sales this morning, not expecting much since this is the 3rd day of most of the city-wide sales.  We got to a church sale around 10:00 and I actually found a few good books for just 25-cents each.  Church sales can be great, depending upon how generous the members of the church are and I’d hit one yesterday where the members were extremely generous with their Born shoes and C.J. Banks clothing. Not only that but one person pricing things was pricing everything cheap: 25-cents for nice tops, 50-cents for a pair of Born shoes, 10-cents for a Ravensburger domino game still sealed in the package, and 25-cents for new large wooden rubber stamps.  On the other hand, another person put in charge of pricing was doing the opposite; pricing things at $5, or even $10 for children’s Gap coats.  At the first sale, we heard one of the women say they would start doing $1 a bag at 11:00. To pass the time until then, we hit a few other sales, one of which we fervently wished we had gone to the day before.  This woman had large plastic totes full of our very favorite things: stationery, books, and stickers.  Of course, it was very picked over but we each found a set of Debbie Mumm cards for only 50-cents, along with a hand full of paperback books for our kids. We always wondered how we would behave at a sale where we were both lusting after the same thing and it turns out we were excruciatingly polite, even though we were probably both holding back our true feelings; wanting to shove the other person out of the way to get at the goodies.  Then we went back to the sale where everything was going to be $1 a bag.

Funny how things that we passed over the first time around suddenly looked appealing.  And how determined I was to dig to the bottom of the piles to unearth treasures like the Hollister shirt I found.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if the other church (that had the very generous parishioners) had a $1 a bag sale too?”  Beth asked, and I agreed that would be fantastic.

“What if we asked them if they’d consider a $1 a bag sale like the other church sale?”  (I’m not sure whose idea this actually was, but it was a good one, and I’ll take credit for it)

So we did.  We went back to the other sale where they were just starting to put things away and asked if they’d do a $1 a bag sale like the church across town and they didn’t even hesitate, thought it was a wonderful idea!  Of course I grabbed some of the $5 things I’d hesitated about the day before because of the price, and then quickly went from one table to the next, considering each item in a new light; in light of the $1 a bag price. Suddenly the Susan Winget tea mugs looked attractive, as did blue and white decorative plates someone had priced at $5 each. Our bags were filled quickly; Bass baby shoes, a Bass fleece jacket, a baby towel set for my friend’s new grandchild, a black velvet Baby Gap dress, New candlesticks with $6.95 price tags still attached, a Leap Frog book set in the package, Discovery Toys that originally had been priced at $5 each, new Hallmark ornaments in their original box…

And now I have this to deal with:

This afternoon I will go through these bags, putting some things away for my own garage sale, washing and drying and carefully folding some of the nicer clothes to go to my sister’s consignment store, washing the bright fishie pillowcases for my girl’s beds, putting books on our own shelf and filling a box to go to HalfPrice Books.  Then checking eBay to see why someone might price those blue and white dishes at $5 each.  I’ve got my work cut out for me, cleaning up the mess three days of garage-saling has created.

And, of course, I’m still organizing my lovely desk, which now looks like this:

If all goes well, by tomorrow morning  I’ll be organized enough to sit and write at it.

I can hardly wait.

One thought on “$1.00 A Bag Sale

  1. Beth says:

    What great finds you have there. I love it when our town has their community garage sales. Unfortunately the stuff that you bring home does have to be sorted out and cleaned up. But it sure is fun finding it:)

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