Walmart stalker

I stopped at our local Walmart on Sunday afternoon for some chocolate chips so Emily could make cookies.  Of course I had to check the clearance aisle, where I found a Walmart employee marking things down.  I quickly grabbed the sketch pads she’d just marked down to $3 from their original $6. My children spend hours drawing and it is nice to have these pads for their more careful creations.  I picked up a couple boxes of hair dye marked down to $3 because I had $3 coupons.  And then I spotted them: the beginning drawing kits I’d been keeping my eyes on, originally priced at $19.99.  They were in a red basket next to the employee and were still $6.  I waited.  Maybe she was going to get to them next? While I waited, I perused the rest of the selection and saw Scotch gift wrap cutters priced at $2.00. Sure enough, I had four $2 coupons in my box, so I dropped four of them into my shopping cart.  Then I casually moved closer to the employee, who I am sure thought I was stalking her.  She was busy putting new stickers on some of the Olay lotions I had coupons for.  $6.00? Still too pricey for me, unless they were the brand I had $5 coupons for.  They weren’t, so I left them. There wasn’t anything else I was interested in and I’d hung around that aisle long enough so I finally worked up my courage to approach the woman.

“Those sketch sets in your basket? Are they saved for someone?”

It turns out everything in the red basket was going in a cart up front for the same price: $2.00.  And she didn’t mind at all if I took them, it would save her lugging them up front.

Glad to help.

Into my Christmas stash they went: two $19.99 drawing kits for $2 each.

It just goes to show you, sometimes it pays to stalk…er, I mean ask.

One thought on “Walmart stalker

  1. Lisa says:

    Sometimes it does pay to ask. And what a buy.. don’t you love these unexpected pleasures! Funny I was just reading Beth’s blog (I had checked your first) but it wasn’t updated, then I read Beth’s went back to check my email and sure enough yours was updated.
    I too love these unexpected great buys we find.
    Happy shopping!


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