Garage sale morning

I stumbled out of bed at 5:00 a.m., washed my hair and put on make-up, still half asleep. Then came downstairs to the dark kitchen, filled the coffee maker with cold water and turned it on, headed to the computer and checked the weather, then of course had to check my e-mail and Facebook…

15 minutes later headed to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee and was greeted by a pot of…

…hot water.


My husband is in charge of getting the coffee pot ready each night so his wife can simply pour in the water and turn it on every morning.

My husband worked an evening shift last night doing floors and didn’t get home until after midnight.

It  the little things that show we care.  Like the coupon inserts I find on my desk when David comes across any in the recycling bin at work, or the cup of tea he has waiting for me anytime I am coming home from a day of shopping with little children, or a book sale I have gone to without him.  I show him I care by putting a dark chocolate candy bar in his underwear drawer every once in awhile, spraying his pillow with lavender scent and pulling back the covers of the bed when he has had a particularly rough day, or by making his lunch every morning before work.

In a few minutes I will be taking a walk with my sister Pat and when I get back I will change my clothes and start setting up for the garage sale. I’ve done this enough I know how it goes; The sale is advertised for 11:00, so the early birds will start checking around 9:00.  By 10:00 we will have women standing in our driveway watching us unload boxes. By 10:30 we will have made our first sale and by 11:00 everything will be set up and a crowd of people will be milling around the tables. By 1:00 pm. there will be a lull and we will realize we haven’t eaten lunch. We’ll throw together some bologna sandwiches, which will taste delicious because we are ravenous. (my husband usually makes the sandwiches, but this time he will be at work) There will be a steady stream of customers until mid-afternoon when there will be a lull in business, but it will pick up again when people get off work and see our signs on their way home.  By evening, we will have everything put away again, only to take it out tomorrow morning and start all over again.

I’ll get pictures of our set-up and try to give an evening report.  (My sister Joan is coming to be in our sale and is staying overnight so I might be doing a slumber party thing instead)

But first, I’ll go have that cup of coffee.

2 thoughts on “Garage sale morning

  1. Susan says:

    Ah yes, those garage sale days are a lot of work (the prep time is a lot of work!), but the day flies by for the most part and ends up being fun too. Hope your day is not only fun but successful too! Look forward to seeing photos Mary.

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