Coupon Crazy?

Crazy?  Weird?   The newscaster in this report didn’t seem to hesitate to use the word crazy in this report to describe people like me, the extreme coupon user.   My original book title included the word “crazy” in it, but I have since changed my working title to reflect a political correctness. What do you think?  Can I go back to my original crazy, or is that too offensive?   (on a side-note, I am not offended in the least being described as crazy in regards to my coupon use)

Are you an extreme coupon user?  For the next month or two I am requesting input from extreme coupon users all over the United States. If you know someone who fits this profile who would be willing to answer some questions or who is interested in being featured in a book written by “one of their own,” feel free to pass this information on.   E-mail me at   kenyonbook (at)  I am especially interested in hearing from the long-time coupon users with their fond memories of the good old days of refunds.

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