Another fun shopping trip.

I stopped at Walmart tonight and found some things on clearance to add to my garage sale stash.  The Perfect 10 hair color all rang up at $5 and I had $5 coupons. The Reach floss was free with $1 coupons, the Schick razors were on clearance for $4 and I used my $3 off coupons, and the Gillette deodorant was on clearance for $3 and I had $4 off 2 coupons. At some stores I would also have used my Buy Gillette deodorant get free body wash coupons but not in this small-town Walmart. As it was, I had a lot of trouble with my coupons and the cashier, who I know has worked there 20+ years said she’d never seen so many coupons. She had to ask me why the CSM needed to come to the register and I informed her that when a customer uses a certain amount of coupons the CSM has to come over and override the register. She was nice about it, just clueless.  Then off to Fareway where I used some of my $1 off GE bulb coupons to get 8 packages of free lightbulbs and $1 Marcal toilet paper coupons to get 4-packs for 19-cents each. All of this is going into boxes to be stored on the attic steps for my garage sale.

I have less than a month to prepare for my garage sale. Pricing alone usually takes me two or three weeks. My spring sale is always the biggest and the best because I have the winter months to deal-hunt. This one will be big, but not as big as last April when I’d had a winter of double couponing at K-Mart with my husband. K-Marts will be doubling again in early April, but only 5 coupons per person per day, hardly worth my trip even with my husband in tow.  In 2008 they doubled up to 75 coupons per person.  We’d each walk out with a cart load of merchandise valued at $160-$180 that we paid less than $10 for. I knew then it couldn’t last. It was just too much fun.

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