Book Sale, aka Why My Office is a Mess Again

Remember my nice, neat office, with the one corner that still needed attention? 

 Well, this is what that corner looks like right now:

My husband and I had a date today, a date at a book sale where standard sized paperbacks were a dime and homeschool materials were a quarter. A book sale where I spent a good two hours digging and these boxes and totes are what we came away with for $36. (the highest price I paid was $1 for the Chris Bohjalian book~ that one is for me!) I guess I won’t be disappointing my garage sale customers who come for the paperback books, after all. We bought at least 300 today and I have a couple boxes on my attic steps already. Most of the paperbacks will be priced at 50-cents each. Others will be a quarter.  (I price according to original cover price and what I know sells the best. Romances are usually a quarter, but I got a lot of mysteries and fiction that sell for a higher price)

Of course we had to check out a Target while we were in the area and I finally found some of the Gillette body washes and deodorants that were free after my $4 off 2 coupons. In fact, I paid $11 for $79 worth of merchandise at Target, so it was well worth the stop.

Could this day even get any better?

I guess it could.

When we got home my mailbox greeted me with yet another essay acceptance.

Maybe I’m on a roll…

Or maybe when someone has 25 pieces out on submission, there’s a better chance for acceptance.

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