Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

I took the plunge and went to the salon owner who does the hair of  four of my sisters and at least one niece.  When I discovered she charged only $2 more than the local Cost-Cutters, I decided to forgo my 13-year-old Emily’s offer to trim my hair this time and see what a professional can do. Emily does have a knack for cutting hair and was recently stopped in the library by a woman asking her where she got her hair cut. Emily gets that a lot, and she hasn’t had a professional haircut in over a year.  With a natural talent like that, we have encouraged Emily to go to cosmetology school when she graduates.  Either that, or nursing school, since she is the only one in our family who not only can stand blood, but actually is curious about wounds. Trust me, if you were to ask her to check the gash on the top of your head, and she takes a look and steps back in horror, it is pretty bad. Otherwise, she would part the hair, inspect the area, and announce, “Not too bad. I think you’ll be okay.” We all bring our wounds and many of us bring our hair to Emily to fix. If that is the case at age 13, what will this young woman be doing at age 20?

Emily was not impressed by my hairstyle this morning. She  took one look at my head and said, “Huh, I could have done that.” Maybe someday she will.

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