A Missed deadline

I missed a deadline for my writing.

Granted, it was a self-imposed deadline and no one was telling me I had to write for this particular anthology, but it was still a wake-up call.

We all need to find balance in our lives.  We are all working with the same 24-hours in each day. I have been spending a good deal of time recently researching agents and polishing my query letter and book proposal. Over the weekend, on those mornings when I did not take a walk with my sister (we don’t walk on the weekends) I spent hours searching publisher’s and agent websites. Hours I normally spend writing.

And now I am itching to get writing again. While the search for an agent or publisher is a necessary evil towards publication, what I really want to do right now is write.

So I have promised myself an entire week of not searching so that I can concentrate on my next book. I also vow not to sit and wait for an answer from an agent or a publisher, or a magazine editor that I have submitted to. I have learned that the best thing to do when waiting is to keep writing.

I missed a deadline, but there are more out there.

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