Sitting, just sitting here, day after day…

“Sitting just sitting here, day after day. It’s work. How I hate it. I’d much rather play.”

So said the lazy bird watching her egg in the famous Horton Hatches an Egg book. I know this and remember it not from reading that book to my children over and over, but from my high school drama years when I memorized the entire story for a speech contest.  Other random parts of speeches are imbedded in my brain for no apparent reason including these two lines from another speech;

I am dying, Egypt, dying. Ebbs the crimson lifetide fast.                              And the dark Plutonian shadows gather on the evening blast.”

Today, as I wait to hear from an agent who is reviewing my book proposal, I feel like that bird, sitting and waiting here, day after day.  The writing is more like play for me, as I like nothing better than to juggle words, sentences and nuances of emotion. Oh, but the submitting and the waiting can be excruciating!

So, I don’t wait. As soon as I submit one thing, I begin work on another. If something comes back, rejected, I look at it with a fresh eye, perhaps make some changes, and send it elsewhere.  I am still waiting but the time seems less interminable. If I have half a dozen~ no, a dozen! articles and essays submitted, then all the better odds that something will be accepted.

Still, the writing, the typing into my word program, the revising…It involves a lot of sitting.  So does working on reading with my daughter, or explaining math to my son.  Most of my daily life involves sitting, and I miss the summer days when I could break from that rut and take a bike ride to the park in the evening, or a walk to the library.  Winter in Iowa means much less exercise for all of us.  My sister and I walk four times a week in the morning and I lift weights three days, but recently I’ve felt the lack of “play” in my life, a lack of movement.

I feel as though I am sitting, just sitting here, day after day…


For Spring.

One thought on “Sitting, just sitting here, day after day…

  1. vvdenman says:

    Boy, I can relate. To everything you just wrote. Sometimes I stand up from the computer and feel like the rusted tin man. I need a bit of oiling.

    Thanks for the thoughts, and good luck with your writing. I bet you won’t have to wait much longer!

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