Another Walmart run

So, I was clipping coupons at the kitchen table last night and came across three coupons for dog food that I’d just seen in the Fareway marked down cart that morning.

“I wonder if that dog food will still be there tomorrow,” I mused out loud, and when David asked me what I was talking about, I told him those $2 coupons would get Rachel (our daughter) some cheap dog food. 

“Let’s go pick them up for her, then head out to Walmart and see what you can get free.”

He didn’t have to ask me twice. It was an unexpected date with my husband, and I wasn’t going to miss that opportunity! I jumped up and got my coupon box and told the kids we’d be right back after our “coupon run.” Of course, I was dressed in an old yellow sweatshirt and gray exercise pants, hardly the date night wardrobe, and practically a guarantee that I was going to run into a former classmate in this small town Walmart, and probably the well-dressed one who works at a bank and always, I mean always, looks well put-together with matching clothes, shoes and purses.

But I digress.

It was late, nearly 9:00 p.m., and both stores would close soon.  There was no time to change clothes, and I was going to get my daughter some cheap dog food and to find free stuff, not attend a fashion show.  And did you hear me say free stuff? Now, that is my kind of date!

Okay, so this is the middle of winter in Iowa and I am going stir-crazy, and I do have that gift card I won and haven’t used for weeks, so I can be forgiven for my enthusiasm, and perhaps even envied. How many of you can be so excited about a trip to the local Walmart with your husband and your coupon box in tow?

We picked up the dog food first; 3 large bags marked down to $4.99 (half price), minus three $2 coupons= less than $10 for $30 worth of dog food.

Off to Walmart, where we perused the aisles for a good half hour, enjoying the peace and quiet and our time together.  I did have more of the Ivory coupons that were expiring in a few days, so nine of those 3-packs went in the cart, 7-cents each after coupon. One Carefree package, free after $1 coupon, two Ruffies garbage bags, $1.23 after 50-cent coupon. I added 6 dental floss, free after coupon, 4 Rolaids, either free or 50-cents each after coupon, and finally, some Post-It note pads I’ll use for prizes for my TOPS group, $1 each after coupon. My total before coupons=$38.91. After coupons=$11.63, and $2.72 of that was tax. Amount remaining on gift card=$1.32. 

Time alone with husband, doing something together that most couples only dream of  😮 =   Priceless.

2 thoughts on “Another Walmart run

  1. Lisa says:

    That seems like the perfect “date night” to ME. John and I do that all the time. Actually we are hitting “3” stores as soon as the snow stops here in PA. Your lucky to get the reach floss it’s $1.39 here at my walmarts.

  2. Beth says:

    Date nights are fun. DH and I went on saturday and watched a local band play. Wouldn’t you know that we passed a CVS and I didn’t brings my coupon box. I just looked out of the window and sighed.

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