Angel of God, My Guardian Dear

In my beginning of the year purging, I came across an unsold essay I had written several years ago regarding an experience with angels. This week I am revising that article yet once again for submission. 

Do you believe in angels?  I grew up in a home where our guardian angel was as real as my siblings, and always felt a sense of peace going to sleep with that personal angel watching over me. Later, as a mother of some very active children, I prayed, and continue to pray, for my children’s angels to help me watch over them. More than once, I have been certain they have been there when I couldn’t be. 

Because I was pregnant with my third when my father died in 1987, I always wondered if he had become my son’s guardian angel.  I was sure I got a glimpse of Daddy in my newborn son’s eyes.

My children say the Angel of God prayer every night with me: Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here. Ever this night be at my side; to light to guard, to rule and to guide.

What we don’t say is the other prayer I grew up with, the one that includes “If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.” Why don’t we include that one with our nightly prayers? Because it terrified me as a child. After my mother tucked us in and left the room my mind would start spinning the possible scenarios of why or how I might actually die before I woke up! Was the house going to blow away in a tornado, and me along with it? Do children have heart attacks? Could an earthquake come? Or the end of the world? Were the Russians going to attack our country in the middle of the night?  Did children die in their sleep? Well, then, I better not fall asleep! Yes, I did experience insomnia back then, and don’t want to take the chance my children have the same problem.

It is so much nicer to think of some loving hands and loving eyes watching over us as we sleep soundly.

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