Saturday morning~ yippee!

A working woman might be excited about Saturday as the beginning of her weekend off, children are thrilled to sleep in and to have two days out of school, but for me, Saturday means the new coupons are posted on .

I know there are others out there like me; women who follow the ads and the coupon inserts to find the best deals, and those who regularly fill their carts with free or nearly free merchandise by combining coupons with clearance or sale prices.

My trip to Dubuque yesterday included a stop at Walgreens, where I had hoped to get some very cheap razors for Christmas baskets, garage sale stock or our own use, along with very cheap Lubriderm lotion. My coupon box was well-stocked, unlike the shelves of the Walgreens store.  Unfortunately, I did not find either product on the shelf.  What I did find was the pictured Bayer aspirin product, on clearance for $2.19.  I had $1.50 off coupons and knew that for each three boxes purchased, a $6 catalina coupon would come out of the register towards my next purchase.  I did two different transactions, paying $2.07 and getting back $6 for my next trip. The Triaminic was on sale for 2/$10, and I had $3 off coupons on each box. I paid $4 and got a $5 catalina coupon.  The toothpaste, which we are very low on, was on sale for $2.99 and I had a $1 coupon. This transaction produced a $2 catalina coupon.  My total cost for these items?  $8.06, with coupons totalling $13 spitting out of the register!  I love trips like this!  The Bayer aspirin is a wonderful product for someone like my husband who has gone through oral cancer treatment and can no longer swallow pills. These are small packets of citrus-flavored aspirin powder that dissolves on the tongue.

So this morning found me excitedly checking the coupon clippers website. What new coupon will be coming out in tomorrow’s paper? Which coupons can I combine with sale prices to get nearly free food or merchandise?  Sometimes I end up not ordering any coupons, other times I am limited to only 10 of the most requested, high-value coupons.  But most weekends I find something to be excited about. This week I was a little disappointed by the offerings but I did manage to snag some $1 off any Covergirl coupons since I spotted a large clearance section of Covergirl on clearance yesterday.  I have to be careful about ordering coupons for clearance priced items, however, since many times the products will have disappeared from the shelves by the time the coupons arrive. Since I know at least two stores that regularly clearance out Covergirl, I decided it was safe to order a small amount, along with extra Reach $1 floss, and Weight Watchers buy one, get one free yogurt coupons.  I love their yogurt!  This week might not be a super exciting week of coupons, but who knows what next week’s paper will bring? 

That anticipation is half the fun of couponing.

One thought on “Saturday morning~ yippee!

  1. Lisa E says:

    I just love to read your shopping trips. My son also uses the Bayer. At 21 he still can’t swallow pills? I don’t understand it, isn’t his food much larger then a pill? So I too have found clearanced Bayer at CVS. And also used the same coupons. I am headed over to supefresh to get a bunch of free jelly and pancake mixes and cheap chunky soup today so I will stop in at walgreens, maybe I will be lucky and find some also. Do the catalina’s work today for these products or was it over yesterday? I know sometimes they have monthly things, I don’t have a Walgreens close and I find myself running the last day 1/2 hour drive to use catalina’s from this store, so I stopped doing their deals right now. Keep shopping. And trying to find a publisher, I know you will, good things take time and this will happen for you, I just know it.

    Love ya girl,

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