Another trip to Walmart


The kids and I went to Dubuque today to do some bargain-shopping, stopping first at Borders where I picked up two math books with my 25% teacher discount.  Emily had a Hot Topic gift card to use and has learned well from her mother. All of her purchases were clearance buys~ She bought three shirts for the regular price of one.

At Walgreens I paid $66.61 for $202.99 worth of toilet paper, Vick’s NyQuil, Special K cereal, Puffs tissues, expensive shampoo that was on clearance for 75% off, hand soap, Centrum vitamins, Reach toothbrushes, Revlon eye shadow, special toothpaste and mouthwash for dry mouth for David, and four women’s razor sets that were on clearance for half price. Out of the register, I got one $10 catalina coupon, one $3 and one $2, for a total of $15 to spend later.

At Walmart I bought 3 Weight Watchers yogurt @ 50-cents each, minus a free coupon that only scanned at 50-cents so the third one cost me 6-cents. Ronzoni pasta is $1.28, minus the 75-cents coupons. The wide noodles rang up at $1.50, still a good deal. More Lipton Orange and Spice tea priced at $1.98, used up my last two 50-cents coupons that expired today. Ivory soap $1.07, minus the $1 coupon for 7-cents a bar. Two Snuggle dryer sheets @$1.98, minus my last two $2 coupons that also expire today=free Snuggle.  The bandaids are $1.18, minus $1 coupons. Johnsnon & Johnson dental floss @.97-cents, minus the $1 coupons=free dental floss. Del Monte diced tomatoes @ .88-cents each, minus $1 off 8 coupons.

The Arnold buns were a mistake on my part. I thought I had coupons for 55-cents off each one, but when they wouldn’t scan, both the cashier and I realized I was trying to use Earthgrains coupons.  I did pull out a 55-cents off any Arnold bread coupon that scanned, but didn’t have another one. Normally I would have her take one off the total, but the young woman behind me was sighing by that time.  Before I left, I gave her coupons worth $2.50 off her items and she was surprised, and grateful!

Total before coupons=$50.58

After coupon total= $21.03, with tax $22.67

amount left on gift card= $12.98

Amount refunded at customer service for noodles ringing up the wrong price= $3 (so free noodles!)

Gas in the van before leaving town= $25 from the Visa gift card I bought with the Walmart gift card, so remaining on Visa=$0

Amount I’ve gotten in SC Johnson rebates on the Glade candles I’ve purchased= $15 (3 $5 rebates)

3 tote bins full of items to be priced for my garage sale= future profit.

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