Running out of milk…

This pantry thing and not going to Fareway isn’t that easy. I noticed I needed milk, but in the spirit of my “pantry week” I didn’t want to set foot in Fareway and be exposed to the allure of the cart of marked-down fruit and vegetables, the box of Little Debbie fig bars, or another pound of hamburger.  Instead, I considered using my Walmart card to further stretch my grocery budget, by buying some food without anything out of my pocket. 

Despite the fact that our small-town Walmart recently expanded their refigerator section, the pickings were pretty slim.  My husband likes me to purchase half gallons of milk because they are easier for the children to  handle. 

There was one single half gallon of milk, and it was whole milk.

I passed on that, and bought two gallon jugs of 1% milk @$2.68, slightly higher than our local Fareway.

I also bought two packages of hash browns @$1.50 each, to go with the 18-pack of eggs already in the refigerator.  One night we’ll enjoy a breakfast for supper, with eggs, toast and hash browns.  Then I realized we were low on bread again (except for our frozen Brownberry whole wheat that David and I use)

Old Timey bread 75-cents. Old Timey? The brand name of the inexpensive loaf of bread is Old Timey?  Who would even think of that name? It sounds stale!

Then, to go with the pepperoni and cheese I have in the refigerator and the pizza sauce I have in the cupboard, a package of sourdough English muffins @$2.12. I’ll make mini pizzas for the kids for lunch tomorrow while David and enjoy the leftover potato soup.

Then, of course, I went to the back of the store to look for the Glade candles that hadn’t been marked down last time I was in the store.  They had moved them to the Christmas area and sure enough, they were on sale for $1.60 each.  I bought 21 of the tins @$1.60 and used 21 $1.50 off coupons. I also purchased 4 of the glass jar candles on sale for $1.60 and used 2 $1.50 off two coupons.

Total before coupons=$51.23

After coupons=$19.53

Remaining on gift card= a sad and pathetic $35.53

still remaining on Visa purchased with gift card= $25

Amount saved by NOT stepping foot into Fareway= surely a $20-$30 savings on impulse purchases.

The glass jars went in my Christmas box to be stored for next Christmas Eve and the tins all went into my garage sale stash. They should sell for $1 each for a total of $21, and the cost to me was $2.10.

By the way, if you are doing the math, and I am sure you have nothing better to do with your time than tally up my purchases, I have bought approximately $490.00 worth of merchandise with $239.00 of my gift card win. This includes the $25 in gas I purchased and the $25 remining on that card.

2 thoughts on “Running out of milk…

  1. Elizabeth says:

    The large jugs of milk could be divided between your empty half gallon containers. Keeping a box of dry milk in the cupboards is wonderful for when you are running low on milk and don’t want to go to the store. Just add the dry milk and water to about half a gallon of exsisting milk and you can’t tell the difference in taste. An $8 box of dry milk ends up being much cheaper than several gallons of milk.

    The Sunbeam bread outlet store in Marion is wonderful for stocking up on bread, english muffins, buns, rolls, and bagels. If I had another freezer I would spend $10-$15 on those things a month and not have to buy bread at the grocery store ever!

    Real potatoes can be substituted for frozen hashbrowns.

    Sorry I’m picking apart your post!! Just showing you how my “pantry cooking” weeks go.

  2. Mary Potter Kenyon says:

    All good ideas except I don’t have a box of dry milk in the pantry and the kids don’t like fried potatoes but love hash browns, and I can’t find my grater to grate the fresh potatoes. So,yes,some advance preparation would make another pantry week easier.
    I wish I was having fun doing this, but since I don’t enjoy cooking much anymore limiting it to what I have in the pantry is just making it less enjoyable. I know I need to do this once in awhile anyway, to use up what I already have on hand.

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