Another trip to Walmart

I know it adds to the fun to post to add pictures of my shopping trips but this time there were too many stocking stuffers and gifts in the mix that I wouldn’t want the recipient seeing.  (plus I put everything away immediately after we got home from Dubuque)  David had the day off and although I considered heading to the closer Independence Walmart, I also wanted to buy something at Borders and Hy-Vee, so it was off to Dubuque for us. 

At Borders, I paid $6.07 for a $19.99 book for my daughter, using my homeschool savings card and a Kellogg’s $10 certificate. 

At Hy-Vee I paid $10.06 for $49 worth of groceries, which included 36-count Solo Sesame Street paper plates that were on sale for 2/$2.48, minus my $1 coupons.  The grandkids will have fun using those 24-cents packs of plates when they visit.  I bought our cheese for Christmas Eve; 2% milk sharp cheddar cheese on sale for 3/$5, plus their coupon for $1 off 3 and my $1 off 2 coupon.  Final cost for each pack of cheese= 84-cents.

I was disappointed that a couple of the items I was searching for weren’t available at this Super Walmart, such as Snuggle fabric softener sheets. Oh, they had some, but they were the larger size, for over $4. My coupons are for $2 off any Snuggle fabric softener and our small Walmart has boxes for $1.87.  I guess I’ll just have to use the rest of my coupons here in town. They also only had six packages of Huggies Pull-Up bathroom wipes in stock and my $3 off 2 coupons expire next week.  The coupons make the wipes only 16-cents a pack. I like to carry these in the car for ease in wiping sticky hands.

It took me a good hour to get through the store today, and not just because of the crowds of people finishing up their Christmas shopping.  I was carefully perusing each aisle, hunting down the best deals. I wanted to find the best way to use my remaining $2 off 3 Hormel coupons and finally settled on the single Spam packages that retail for 84-cents, netting 3 packs for 52-cents.  I can cut the Spam in cubes and add it to macaroni and cheese, along with a can of corn.  Sounds kind of gross, but it makes a quick and easy meal for the kids. I also bought cans of Hormel chunk chicken breast for $1.53 each and used more of the $2 coupons.  I use the canned chicken with rice, chicken noodle soup, or even chicken salad sandwiches.  A coupon fairy had put a little pile of coupons on the shelf with Swanson chicken broth and they included a 50-cents off Reames frozen noodle and some for the broth.  Since Iowa has a winter storm warning, chicken soup sounded good. I added four cans of broth and one bag of noodles to my cart, savings courtesy of the coupon angel. Another good deal was the Green Giant frozen peas and corn on sale for $1.25 a bag. I had 50-cents off coupons and now my freezer is full of frozen veggies.  Lipton Orange and Spice tea is $1.98 at Walmart ($2.50 at Fareway).  I used 50-cents off coupons and bought three boxes.  I picked up a Curious George Christmas movie for Abby and used a $3 off coupon and   a $10 Kellogg’s certificate, and paid only 94-cents for the movie. Other items I picked up were stocking stuffers and a 12-pack of Scott tissue toilet paper that I had a $1 coupon for.

My order took a long time, since I had so many coupons.  What I usually do when that happens is take a look at what the person behind me is buying and make sure to give them some coupons for thier order.  I always tell them that it is the least I can do for holding up the line.  Today, the woman behind me at Walmart saved $2 on her Yoplait yogurt, and the woman behind me at Hy-Vee saved 55-cents on her bag of Clementine oranges, thanks to coupons I handed them.  The most I have ever saved a stranger was $9 on a double coupon order at K-Mart.  That man was thrilled and kept thanking me, over and over.  Only one woman has ever turned away my coupon offer with the snide comment, “Do I look like I need coupons?”

Total before coupons: 131.16

After coupons: $75.72

Total remaining on $300 gift card=$209.02

I promise to do pictures next time.

I did notice something annoying about myself since I picked up that gift card. Carrying a little card worth that amount of money in my purse has brought out my obsessive-compulsive tendencies. I keep checking my purse and feeling for the card inside.  I caught myself doing it several times today. I am so afraid of losing it!  Finally I put it inside a zipper pocket inside my billfold…but I still find myself checking to make sure it is there.  I didn’t realize how OCD I am!

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