First trip to Walmart


We picked up my prize win today.  The envelope contained a $300 Walmart gift card and a $100 check. That’s nice, the cash will come in handy, and after our trip to the local Walmart today, I realized I won’t be spending a lot of it here in town.  No offense to small town stores, but the stock is so limited and the prices are higher than in Dubuque. 

So now you will only be able to watch me spend $300 at Walmart, not $400, as planned.  But won’t it be fun?  I had fun today, seeing what I could find. Have you ever looked at one of your friends or family and wondered what their typical shopping trips are like?  Well, maybe you just aren’t as nosey as me, if you haven’t.

I’m keeping all my receipts and will give everyone a play-by-play as well as a final tally.  I’m not sure when that final tally will be, but if I can do what I did today I may be able to keep this gift card going until March. That really depends upon what I find at the clearance sales in January and February.

Here’s a breakdown of what you see in the picture;

3 cans of Hormel chili @$1.25 a can, minus the $2.00 off 3 coupon.

5  Hormel Compleats @$1.98 each, minus $1 coupons.

Uno card game with Toy Story theme @$6.97, Rubik’s Cube @ $8.00, and Smarter Than a Fifth Grader board game @ $10.00, minus two Kellogg’s $10 toy certificates.

All You magazine @ $2.24, minus 50-cents coupon.

The food all went into the box I have been filling for my mother, where I also stashed peanut butter, cans of chicken, vegetables, microwave rice and single packages of corned beef hash.  I took that box over to her house tonight.

The toys are for a family that I wanted to give gifts but didn’t have it in my budget this year. I had a gift for the mother and daughter, but nothing for the boys.  I did have some Toy Story bowls for the youngest so will add the card game to that package.  The UNO card game wasn’t a good deal, let’s face it, but with the Kellogg’s certificates I could get all three games for less than $5, and that is a good deal.

Why on earth would I buy the All You magazine when I am a subscriber?  Because with the coupon I got it for less than $2 and there is a special set of coupons inside that subscribers don’t get, along with all the regular coupons. As a conservative estimate, there are approximately $11 worth of coupons inside that I will use, so I will make money on that purchase.

Today’s total before coupons $40.86.

Total after coupons and certificates $15.26.

Amount remaining on the card $284.74

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