Not Quite Martha Stewart

The turkey is in the oven, seasoned with olive oil and herbs.  The living room is clean and set up with extra chairs for our guests. I removed the coffee table to make more room.

The playroom/office is clean and we will set up a card table in the middle with chairs, for eating and the older “kids” to play board and card games on. Take a good look, people, because 15 minutes after my sweet little grandson Jo-Jo arrives, this room will look noticeably different. The vacuum cleaner is out because I still need to vacuum the entire house before noon.

The kitchen is clean (still need to do some dishes) and the extra leaf added to the table, my Thanksgiving runner artfully arranged, and… say what? What is that I see at the end of the table? Is that paper plates?? 

Yes, folks, Martha Stewart would have a heart attack. I have paper napkins and paper plates out for our Thanksgiving dinner today. Besides the fact that I do not own enough “real” plates to go around, I like the idea of not having to worry so much about dishes after the meal. Instead, my sisters and I can take a walk and enjoy each other’s company. Oh, I’m going to pull out my nicest fruit print plates (I don’t own any china) for the matriarch of the family, my 82-year-old mother, and for the guys who need big plates, but most of us will be eating off of nice Chinet paper plates in the muted green color of fall leaves.

This is our second Thanksgiving in our new home, and the second time we are hosting a get-together for my extended family.  I’d hesitated this year; it is a lot of work, but as the holiday approached I realized how important it was to me to see my siblings and my mother on Thanksgiving. Someday it will be just my eight children and their children, but for now, while I still have four children at home, and only three grandchildren, it is nice to have a big crowd here, and especially my 82-year-old mother. Someday, my own children and their families will be the big crowd.

I have a lot to be thankful for; my dear mother, siblings I can call my friends, a healthy husband, eight healthy children, a son-in-law I love, and three darling grandchildren. I am thankful, too, for good friends, good books, and a comfortable warm house.

A house that needs to be vacuumed.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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