Christmas again?

Can you stand yet another Christmas-related post in October?  Because I am so excited by what I found for my husband yesterday.  We’d stopped at Kohl’s to look at shoes because they do have a nice selection of good walking shoes and David wears his out so fast.  While he was trying on shoes, I sat in one of their Homemedics vibrating, warming massaging Shiatsu chair pads.  My back was hurting anyway, from my puddle-jumping walk with Pat that morning.  Felt fine until I got home and tried to take off my shoes, and then pain shot through me!  A huge dose of ibuprofen, and I was doing better, but the ache that remained  just seemed to disappear in that chair.  When David was done shoe-shopping, I told him to try it, and he loved it too. 

When it comes to David, since his cancer, I want to give him everything his little heart desires, and his desires are usually very simple; a bowl of home-made soup, some molasses cookies, time alone with his wife.  He never asks for anything tangible in the gift department, but I could tell he really, really wanted that massaging pad.  I checked the price tag and my heart sank a little.  It was out of our price range for sure.  He mentioned the pad several times on the way home, until I knew I was going to get it. I didn’t know when, and I wasn’t sure how, but David was going to have that chair pad!

Last night I checked my e-mail and saw that I had a 20% off coupon from Kohl’s, good until November 1.  Then I thought to look on their website to see how much the online price was.  It was $34 less than at the store!  Combined with that 20% off coupon and the free shipping, it was almost within my price range. Then I realized that this week Kohl’s gives you a $10 coupon for each $50 you spend, and I couldn’t resist. Yes, folks, I used my new Kohl’s charge card and will be paying off my husband’s Christmas gift for a couple months, but the look on his face on Christmas morning will definitely be worth it.

Isn’t it fun when you can find the exact right gift for someone you love?

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