Keep in touch

I am just so excited about this new website I discovered this morning.

I have already sent out 6 postcards through this website, absolutely FREE!  You can personalize them with your own photo and type in the address and a message and this company sends the postcard to your recipient. The only catch is that there will be a small advertisement on the message side of the postcard, but who cares?  Surely not the recipient who gets something other than bills in their mailbox and knows that someone was thinking of them that day. 

I love writing letters but there are occasions when I just don’t have time for an entire letter but want someone to know I am thinking of them.  What better way than to download a photo that is meaningful to me or to them and write a short message on the other side?  As an example of what I did with this website today, I downloaded a photo of my Mom’s recent painting that is now hanging in the rebuilt Breitbach’s restaurant and used that for the photo side of the postcard. On the message side I wrote how proud I was of her and how beautiful the painting is.

I know I am going to have a lot of fun using this website.

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