I recently signed up for a SwagBucks account. I’ve resisted this kind of thing for a long time, even though I’ve heard of people earning Amazon gift cards every month through programs like this.  But this one seemed too easy to pass by.  If you regularly search the Internet then download the tool bar and you can earn SwagBucks just for doing your regular searches though them. If you plan on buying some of your Christmas gifts online, it you go through their website, you can earn $1 Swag Bucks for each $5 you spend, and that can add up quickly. You can get special deals like free shipping if you go through their links on their website.  Check it out. It might be an easy way for you to earn some gift cards or even some nice gift items like ipods, etc.  To give you an idea of how quickly it can add up, I downloaded their toolbar a week ago and just by doing my regular searches (ebay, yahoo mail, It’sHiptoSave, and CheapCheapCheap, I’ve earned 15 SwagBucks, and if I buy from BookCloseouts again, (and I often do) I’ll earn $1 for each $5 I spend.


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