Razors, razors, everywhere…

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I love Intuition razors. But at $8.00+ a pop, they are more than an expensive option, they fall in the luxury category.  But then, when have I ever paid full retail?  Instead, whenever a high-value Intuition razor coupon comes out, I order 10 or so from coupon clipping services such as www.thecouponclippers.com and wait for a sale. Inevitably, Walgreens will have them on sale with a register reward (coupon that comes out of the register) or I’ll find some on clearance and pay a respectable $1 or $2.  But, when I heard that Target had a $4 coupon out and I knew that they allowed me to use a manufacturer coupon on top of that, the gears in my head started spinning.  How expensive could their razors be? More than the combined $4 coupons (an $8.00 savings for those of you slow with numbers) Well, probably, but how much more?  One week in September, they were actually on sale for $7.99, and that week I used all the coupons I had, getting 15 razors free.  I noted then that the regular price of Intuition razors was only $8.29, which meant that if I got ahold of more coupons, I could still get the razors for only 29-cents each.  Well, that is just too good a price to pass up for my favorite razors!  Each package has one razor and two cartridges in, while the refills have 3 cartridges, and regularly retail for $10.19, still a good deal with those $8 in coupons, which were also good on refills.

Well, I searched for the best price on those coupons. Some ebay sellers were selling them for $1 each, too pricey. But I did find one seller who had them for 40-cents each and a trader on Refund Cents who would sell them to me for only 20-cents each.  Even paying for the coupons, I could still get my razors for 49-cents a package!  I ordered 30 coupons, which arrived on Monday.  My manufacturer coupons expired Oct. 3, while the Target coupons had a few extra days to expiration.  Yesterday, I planned a trip to use them all.  (I don’t drive to Dubuque without planning on saving enough money to make the trip worth it) For some reason, it never even occured to me that they would not have 30 razors in stock, since they had always had a huge selection when I’d gone there before. 

There were only 9 Intuition razors left.  I grabbed them, threw them in my cart, and counted out 9 Target coupons and 9 manufacturer coupons. (usually, Abby is hopping around asking me questions about this time and the counting has to be repeated, but Beth watched Abby yesterday and I stood in the aisle with an eye-rolling Katie instead)  Then I had to make a decision: Do I PAY $2.19 for the refills, or let my coupons expire unused?  I decided on the refills, and then noticed that the Schick Quattro razors were also featured on the coupons.  For only $1.09, I could get some of those and sell them to pay for my refills.  (I know, I know, but that is how my mind works. I dirve my kids crazy that I can’t go anywhere without working out a way to make some money or save some money) I bought three of those razors and some refills that were also $1.09 with coupons, and those are posted on ebay this morning.

I also picked up some other good deals: The Fusion razors were on sale for $7.94 and I had two $2 off Target coupons and two $4 off coupons, meaning I could get the razors for $1.94 each, a good deal in itself.  However, those razors have a $5 Target gift card offer for each two you buy, so I ended up buying two at $1.94 each and getting back a $5 gift card.  I wished I’d had more of those Fusion coupons! 

The Suave shampoo was on sale for $1.70 and I had $1 off two, not a great deal, but my children like the children’s shampoo and we were almost out. 

The Extra gum was on clearance for $1.68 a 3-pack and I bought ten, using my $1 off 3-pack coupons.  David uses a lot of gum because he has little saliva since his radiation, and it can get pricey, so I always hoard gum I find on sale with coupons.  Gum is another thing I will never pay full price for.  $6.80 for 30 packages of gum, not too bad.

The things not pictured are a half-price black bedspread for Katie and two amazing sketchbooks that were 75% off that I put away for Christmas. 

The total before coupons was a staggering $336.00!  (heart-attack inducing total if my husband had been there, for sure)  After coupons, I paid $70.00.  Almost $13 of that was tax, and another $16 was the bedspread and gifts.  Even if I only get the starting bid on the Quattro razors on ebay (3 razors and 9 refill packs) I would make $39 and pay for the rest of my razors and the two razor gift sets I set aside for Christmas gifts, and I still have that $5 gift card to use.  

Not a bad deal for an afternoon’s work that also included dropping off several bags at Goodwill (and running in to look at books), a short trip to Walgreens to use some catalina coupons that were expiring. (more Christmas gifts to stash away, expensive body wash with a catalina coupon offer to use next time)  and, of course, a stop at the Asbury Hy-Vee where I picked up the most delcious globe grapes I’ve ever tasted. $8 for two bags (ouch), but better than buying 16 candy bars with that money. 

But then, I DO have those 55-cents off any Reese’s product just burning a hole in my pocket…

One thought on “Razors, razors, everywhere…

  1. Lisa says:

    LOVE the shopping trip.. LOVE the intuition razors myself, that’s what I use. Ohhh what’s a globe grape?



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