One of the best book sales ever!!

Yesterday hubby and I (along with 6-year-old Abby) traveled to Waterloo for a book sale.  I was so disappointed when I heard that the Waterloo library had established their own bookstore because I knew that would be the end to their basement sales, and hubby and I have been going to those for 10 years or more. However, in the process of cleaning out the basement, yesterday they had a $1 a bag sale. I expected only old leftovers from previous sales but they surprised me with a wonderful array of decent paperbacks and even a row of boxes of OLD books. I love old books!  I had intended on heading straight back to the paperback section when I spotted these boxes on the floor when I first entered the basement sale section.  Yes, I was first in line for the sale and got first dibs on the wonderful line-up of old books. Amongst the boxes I found several Gene Stratton-Porter treasures and a set of books by a Mrs. Georgie Sheldon, from the late 1890’s. What delightful pictures on the front, and how quaint this woman author used her husband’s name for her writing, rather than hers. Who is this Mrs. Georgie Sheldon? What is HER name?  Once I finished digging through the boxes of old books I found David lost in the paperbacks. What was he suppossed to be stuffing these bags with? I am the “book person” in this family, the one with the instinct for what is good and what is great. From his years running the bookstore he does remember what certain customers always looked for (and in this town, that was predominantly romance, though we had the few more literary types). Sure enough, my husband had filled his bags with the bodice-baring romances that were in good condition, along with a cute Heidi’s Children hardcover with dustcover he had enough sense to grab. Once I was back in the paperback section he readily assumed carrying duties and let me get towork. The net result was 28 bags of books for $28, and a huge selection of paperback books for my garage sale this coming Thursday.  Wonder if my trip was worth it? Of the 28 bags, one single bag contained books for us; the 30 Berenstain Bears books for Abby, some Joan Hess mysteries for me, and a couple hardcovers I want to read. 3 bags were filled with hardcovers that were posted on ebay. The rest of the bags were books for my garage sale, with an average bag holding 25 or more paperbacks.  With a conservative average price of 25-cents on each of those 25 books (and some are priced at 50-cents, and other bigger paperbacks even $1), I did some quick math and our trip to Waterloo will net us a profit of over $150 at the garage sale, and that isn’t counting the books I posted on ebay. With my spring sale I sold almost all my 500-600 paperback books and what was left went to HalfPrice Books, where I also made a profit.  Heck, if I’d brought the van I would have loaded up on even more paperbacks! At that price, I could still make a profit at HalfPrice Books if they only paid me a dime each book.

After two hours hunting for books, both David and I were too tired to do any shopping and we were HUNGRY! (both forgot to eat breakfast, and so did Abby, who we had pulled from bed sound asleep) We headed to a Hardees, and I was so disappointed breakfast was over (it was 11:00). Lo and behold, while waiting in line I heard the cashier offer some leftover breakfast for half price to the couple ahead of me. What an unexpected joy! Not only did they sell us their 3 leftover breakfast sandwiches for half price, they threw in some free potato wedges and two free cinnamon raisin biscuits. 

I spent most of my afternoon pricing books and now have 5 boxes of priced books to add to the 5 I already had.  And, I have more books to price! Besides the books, I have loads of clothes I’ve gotten when Salvation Army has had their unadvertised 6/$1 sale; dozens of CJ Banks sweaters and blouses I paid less than 20-cents each for, along with Baby Gap and Gymboree infant clothing.  Add in my coupon deals of free candles, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and cheap baby wipes, cleaners, air sprays, etc, and I’ve got quite an interesting garage sale planned. I’ll post pictures later this week after I’ve set up.  It gets crazy the first hour or two after we set up (usually before we are even finished) but it is a fun kind of crazy.

2 thoughts on “One of the best book sales ever!!

  1. Lisa says:

    Great job. I can’t wait to see the pictures.. I had my yard sale last weekend, I made $337 I was very happy with that I plan on doing another on October 3rd, I just pray for sunshine. It rains alot anymore around here on weekends especially. We just got out of a 5 day rain week.. yesterday was beautiful sunshine along with today and tomorrow 83 degrees. And then guess what? Another 3 days of rain! UGH.. But that has been our summer here in PA.
    Getting a letter ready to mail, post pictures, I want to see!

  2. Jacki says:

    Sounds like you had such a good time! Glad you and David were able to go together. Have you found out who Mrs. Georgie is? I wondered the same thing!


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