Homeschool Project Today

desk 008

When had this media center listed from Office Depot for $25 and free shipping, I jumped on it. Not because I really needed it (had just gotten a desk at a garage sale) but because it retailed for $250 and was selling for 90% off. I actually figured it was a glitch and would be cancelled as is so often true. I kind of forgot about it, never even got a shipping notice. Then a big Ryder truck pulled up today and asked me to sign for a delivery and they pulled out these huge, heavy boxes! Matt and Emily decided to put it together right away. When I saw the long strip of various screws and knobs and hinges Emily pulled out of the box, along with directions partly in Spanish, I told her you would have to pay me at least $300 to attempt to put that thing together. I am terrible with directions! Matt and Emily spent approximately 4.5 hours at it, never throwing tools in disgust or swearing under their breath. They even had to take some of it apart once when they figured out it was backwards.  All they wanted at the end of their work was some ice cream so we went to Fareway to pick some up. It is going to take me hours to organize this, but I think that I will like the fact that I can close the doors when I’m not using the computer. (you know, between midnight and 5:00 a.m.~ha!)desk 001desk 005

desk 002

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